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H7 Network is the international leader in Word of Mouth Marketing Training, Business to Business Networking, Professional Success through Personal Growth, and much more. At H7 Network, we offer professionals an exclusive platform to connect with other like-minded individuals, fostering valuable networking opportunities.

By harnessing the power of our Word of Mouth Marketing Training, professionals can cultivate Trusted-Professional Relationships and achieve consistent, predictable results. Inside this H7 Network News & Updates blog you will find a collaborative experience amongst Leaders within the H7 community that includes guest (leader) contributors, information on how to grow your business via word of mouth marketing, and much more.

Learn the 7 Laws

The 7 Laws of WOMM aim to equip Members and Leaders with a straightforward, systematic approach to establishing influence within their communities and achieving tremendous success in their own businesses simultaneously.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is a marketing strategy that relies on Trusted-Professional Relationships (just like you may ask of your customers or clients) voluntarily spreading positive recommendations, while networking involves actively seeking out and nurturing professional relationships for mutual benefit.

WOM Marketing Strategies
H7 networking group updates

Group Updates

Great news! The leaders in our community have been granted approval to share and spread the word about their H7 group.

This is an exciting opportunity for them to connect with others, share their mission, and expand their reach. By leveraging the support of their network, these leaders can create a positive impact and inspire more individuals to join their cause. With their passion and dedication, they have been empowered to build awareness and engagement for the H7 group, making a difference in our community.

Trusted-Advisor Contribution

We are thrilled to announce that leaders in our community have received approval to write articles.

This is a significant opportunity for our trusted advisors to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences with a broader audience. By being recognized as trusted advisors, these leaders can contribute valuable content that educates, inspires, and informs readers. Their articles will serve as a source of expertise and guidance, further solidifying their position as influential figures in our community. We are excited to see the impact their articles will have in driving positive change and fostering growth in our community.

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Learn More About H7 Networking

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What Part of Business Networking Challenges You?

How can I engage in a meaningful one-on-one conversation with someone? What exactly does it mean to have a “valuable one-to-one”?

Begin by understanding your target market thoroughly. Gain insights into their needs, preferences, and desires. This will enable you to tailor your approach effectively.

Craft your message in a way that resonates with others and makes it effortless for them to offer assistance. Discover the power of the Activate H7 method and how it can enhance your communication skills.

Assuming that you have established the necessary trust between you and the Referral Partner, your partner will be more encouraged to recommend your services once they know how.

Schedule and coordinate productive meetings with a specific frequency. This meeting should include: an update one another on your product/services, updates on any changes made or coming, as well as be intentional about asking for your prospects. Discover the power of the Champion Training method for a specific techniques on how to create predictable results from Trusted-Relationships.

To achieve the best results from your networking efforts, it is essential to master the art of Connect, Serve, and Ask One to one. Unlike most professionals who build relationships in the sequence of Like, Know, and then Trust, this approach focuses on establishing trust from the start.

The true power of Connect, Serve, and Ask One to one lies in the person’s ability to prioritize trust-building, leading to authentic connections. By focusing on Earning Trust, you establish a personal brand rooted in serving others, resulting in a highly predictable word-of-mouth growth strategy for your business